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12pairs Flower & Star Design Stud Earrings

$61.50 Ex Tax: $61.50

Details:   FlowersMetal Color:   GoldDetails:   StarMaterial:   AlloyType:   StudType:   SetsStyle:   Casual..

1pair Folded Triangle Shaped Earrings

$62.50 Ex Tax: $62.50

Composition:   100% AlloyDetails:   GeometricMetal Color:   GoldMaterial:   MetallicColor:   OrangeType:   DangleStyle:   Casual..

1pair Hoop Earrings & 1pc Ear Cuff

$61.00 Ex Tax: $61.00

Metal Color:   GoldMaterial:   AlloyColor:   GoldType:   StudType:   Ear CuffStyle:   Casual..

1pair Maple Decor Faux Pearl Drop Earrings

$62.00 Ex Tax: $62.00

Composition:   90% AlloyComposition:   10% PearlsMetal Color:   GoldMaterial:   MetallicDetails:   PearlsDetails:   Water DropDetails:   Texture MetalColor:   GoldType:   Stud..

1pair Rhinestone Decor Bow & Faux Pearl Decor Drop Earrings

$64.50 Ex Tax: $64.50

Composition:   60% AlloyComposition:   20% PearlsComposition:   20% RhinestoneMaterial:   MetallicDetails:   PearlsDetails:   RhinestoneMetal Color:   SilverColor:   SilverTyp..

1pair Rhinestone Decor Cherry Design Stud Earrings

$62.00 Ex Tax: $62.00

Composition:   60% AlloyComposition:   30% CrystalComposition:   10% ResinDetails:   CrystalMetal Color:   GoldMaterial:   AlloyDetails:   FruitType:   StudStyle:   Casual..

2pairs Serpentine Design Earrings

$61.00 Ex Tax: $61.00

Metal Color:   SilverMaterial:   AlloyColor:   SilverType:   StudType:   SetsStyle:   Casual..

2pcs Rhinestone Decor Earrings

$61.50 Ex Tax: $61.50

Details:   GeometricMetal Color:   GoldMaterial:   MetalDetails:   RhinestoneColor:   GoldType:   StudStyle:   Casual..

36pairs Random Heart & Flower Decor Stud Earrings

$63.50 Ex Tax: $63.50

Details:   FlowersDetails:   GeometricDetails:   HeartMetal Color:   SilverDetails:   ButterflyMaterial:   Polymer ClayType:   StudType:   SetsStyle:   Casual..

3pairs Butterfly Charm Drop Earrings

$63.00 Ex Tax: $63.00

Metal Color:   GoldMaterial:   AlloyDetails:   ButterflyType:   DangleType:   SetsStyle:   Casual..

3pairs Leaf & Rose Charm Drop Earrings

$64.50 Ex Tax: $64.50

Metal Color:   SilverMaterial:   AlloyColor:   SilverType:   DangleType:   SetsStyle:   Glamorous..

4pairs Flower Design Stud Earrings

$63.50 Ex Tax: $63.50

Details:   FlowersMetal Color:   SilverMaterial:   AlloyType:   StudStyle:   Boho..

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